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We believe that creating control software should be simple and fast like creating a Power Point presentation.


Every good idea starts with a question, for the PLC-Easy solution this question is:

Why is control software often so complex, and can this be simplified?



Empower people to develop, maintain, manage and troubleshoot complex control functionalities in a fast, simple and easy manner.


Provide a "no/low code" environment by simplifying control software programming whilst using a conventional control platform (hardware & development tools).


Challenges with conventional solutions


Like most good ideas, at the basis of PLC-Easy is frustration with the status quo.

The frustration for many who work with PLC-SCADA and DCS solutions are inflexibility, labour-intensity, the need for expertise, high costs, vendor locking, time consuming troubleshooting etc. Most of these frustrations are predominately caused by complexity in the code and complexity associated with providing accurate operator information. 

At PLC-Easy we concluded that these complexities are caused by the way PLCs are programmedDespite the fast advancements of technology over the last 2 decades, we find it curious that the way PLCs are programmed remains essentially unchanged since the inception of the PLC in 1969. What we noticed (and are still noticing) is that the biggest challenge is in fact the "human factor" and more specifically, the inability to change our PLC programming habits.





The PLC-Easy solution is a truly innovative solution that enhances an existing platform and already acquired skillsets. It improves the "way we always do things" by making it simpler and faster but also supports "the way" we will work in the future (IEC61499/OPAS).

In short, it is simply un-mazing automation.

Industries we serve:

PLC-Easy has established its' self in the following industries:

- Dairy

- Mining

- Water Utilities

PLC-Easy has it's origins in the mining industry. As mining processes include utility processes (power generation and (waste) water), chemical processes, material handling etc., the PLC-Easy solution is very suitable for a variety of processes.

Pilot Opportunities Wanted

We are eager to extend our success stories in more industries and are able to give you an opportunity to pilot the PLC-Easy solution at no cost (consultancy/engineering/training hours will be charged at a reduced rate).

We are particularly interested in expanding our foot print in:

- Oil and Gas

- Petrochemical industry

- Pharmaceutical 

- Brewery processes

Contact us!

We will be happy to answer your questions or provide more information.

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