What is PLC-Easy?

PLC-Easy is a no nonsense, no frills and no code DCS solution based on Schneider PLCs and Wonderware SCADA. By utilizing an unconventional and innovative software architecture it reduces the amount of software in an application with at least 30% by eliminating over 50% of the complexity normally found in conventional PLC-SCADA and DCS solutions.

PLC-Easy combines the advantages of a DCS (consistency, re-usability, scalability etc.) with the endless possibilities of a PLC-SCADA system. It does so without the costs, vendor locking and other restrictions that a DCS imposes, whilst eliminating  the risk of spaghetti software, inconsistencies and complexities often encountered in a PLC application.

Every good idea starts with a question, for the PLC-Easy solution this question is:

Why is control software often so complex, and can this be simplified?


We believe that creating control software should be simple and fast like creating a Power Point presentation. Further we believe that people that have in depth knowledge of a process should be empowered to translate that knowledge into control software.


Simplify the creation of control functionality to empower people with limited programming skills to develop, maintain and troubleshoot the more complex aspects of control software in a timely manner.

Below a 10 minute presentation outlining the principles and benefits of the PLC-Easy solution 


Mission - Vision

Why PLC-Easy?

PLC-Easy addresses a number of common challenges that are experienced by people in different positions/involvement with control systems e.g.

- An operator who does not know what state a sequence is in or why it is not progressing. 

- A maintenance engineer not being aware of a hardware issue causing an unplanned shutdown in the next hours.

- A system integrator who is confronted with additional work as the existing application is convoluted (spaghetti code) or who's code change causes unforeseen side effects with an unplanned shutdown.

- A project engineer or manager who is unable to estimate and plan the duration of a functional change of an application. Or worse, who is consistently overcharged because the application is unreadable to others (vendor locking).

- An application that was created by code generation and now cannot be read or altered without an up to date code generator and the (rare) combination expertise that encompasses the code generator as well as the control platform and application.

Most of these challenges stem from the complexity of the application which leads to the question:

The complexity in conventional PLC and DCS applications is caused predominately by the alarm management (warnings, alarms and notifications) and software functionalities that claim or are claimed by other software functionalities (e.g. sequencing, routing, group control, clean in place (CIP) etc.). 

PLC-Easy addresses this by simplifying the application's architecture through standardizing functionalities that cause complexity and by integrating standardized abnormal situation alarm management.

What Causes Complexity?

The 20 minute demonstration in the video below shows some of the main features and the reduction of code and complexity.